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Custom Closet Organizers in Hartford CT, Make Home Organization Easy

In a perfect world, you'd never have to worry about keeping your custom closets and home organized. However, the reality is that we often neglect our closets and the result is a mixture of piled clothes and cluttered shelves that is an eyesore. At Hang It Up Closets, the top choice for closet organizers in Hartford CT, we help eliminate those problems with our professional closet organizers and systems. 

  • Custom Closets

    Adding a custom closet to your home can work wonders for increasing storage space and decreasing the stress that accompanies clutter. Our custom closets are specifically built around your needs, making sure that efficiency and functionality remain our primary goal. Our custom closets range from small, hallway closets to large, walk-in closets and can be designed from the simplest of installations to the most exquisite ideas. During the free in-home consultation, we will create a free mockup of the complete closet remodel with our state of the art 3-D modeling software on the spot. Then you can revise it on-spot and update it so that we can finalize the design before any installation takes place. This is the key to keeping quality while remaining affordable. 

  • Closet Design

    The closet design professionals at Hang It Up Closets work closely with you to determine what the best solutions are based on your ultimate goals. We take into consideration your budget, work schedule, daily activities and other key factors, producing a custom closet that is unique to you. Our closet designers work hard to match your closet to the current theme and design of your home, making it like like your closets came with the house! 

  • Walk-In Closets

    With so much room available in your walk-in closet, it's very easy to allow things to pile up. Your walk-in closet should be convenient to your lifestyle and offer plenty of storage space. At Hang It Up Closets, our walk-in closets offer customizable solutions for any situation. From simple shelving and accessories to complete “his and her” closets, Hang It Up Closets has you covered. Call us now for a free in-home consultation to discuss your walk-in closet needs. 

  • Reach-in Closets

    Often the most overlooked closets in your home, reach-in closets have a lot of hidden potential for extra storage space. It's easy to toss sweaters and Christmas decorations into your closet and forget about them, but with our reach-in closets in Hartford CT, everything has its place in a neat, organized fashion. Maximize your reach-in closets with our professional closet services! Make a reach-in closet more than just a place where your kid's throw all of their junk.

  • Kid's Closet

    Children are constantly growing and their closets need to be able to accommodate them. We understand this and design our kid's closets with plenty of room for expansion and custom organization for future use. From sporting equipment and school uniforms to college apparel and business suites, our kid's closets in Hartford CT, are the perfect option for your growing kids. 

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