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Custom Closets New Haven, Connecticut

Are you struggling to get organized in your New Haven home? You may feel as though your living spaces are well organized, but your closets and other hidden areas are another story. Don’t feel bad: Without the tools for good organization, it can be extremely difficult to keep closet chaos and clutter under control! Hang It Up Closets is a Connecticut-based business that can help you achieve organization zen with customized closet design.

Completely Customized Closets Make the Difference

You may have tried closet organizers in the past, with various levels of success. The truth is, when you depend on a store-bought system, you’re trying to fit a generic closet organizer into your space and your lifestyle. For some households, it works well enough, but for others, this cookie-cutter approach does not work at all. Here are some of the differences that a completely customized closet can make in your home:

  • Custom closets are made for the space that you have available

    Whether your home is one or two hundred years old, we have closet options that will fit your space. Why? It’s because regardless of whether you have a slanted wall, an oddly placed window, or a closet that is perfectly square, we design every closet to fit perfectly. When you use a closet system that is sized almost correctly, you will end up with gaps, buckling and frustration. Because every one of our boards is cut to precise measurements, you won’t have to worry about any of that with a Hang It Up custom closet.

  • Custom closets are built for your sense of style

    What type of decor do you have in your home? We believe that custom closets should be a thing of beauty and pride, not a strictly utilitarian storage solution that needs to be hidden behind closed doors. When you allow us to design your closet, it will not only be perfectly functional, but will go along with your decor and sense of style. We have a wide range of colors, finishes and hardware options available for you to choose from.

  • Custom closets are designed for your budget

    Whether your budget is large or small, we can probably find a solution that will get you on the track toward better organization. We can work with you and eliminate or add accessories as necessary so that you can stick to your budget.

  • Custom closets are made for your life

    Do you have a hundred pairs of shoes? Do you wear strictly dresses, or strictly separates? Do you need storage space for other items, such as children’s outgrown clothing or seasonal decorations? No matter what your needs, we can build your custom closet to meet them.

Call Today for Your Free Customized Closet Design Consultation

When you have a free, in-home closet design consultation, we will be able to talk to you and design the closet of your dreams. You’ll be able to see the design and make changes via our special 3D software. Best of all, this appointment is both cost- and obligation-free, so you have absolutely nothing to lose! Call today to schedule your consultation for custom closet design in New Haven, Connecticut, or the surrounding areas.