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Kids Get Organized!

What’s that they say about kids and organization? Do they go together like peanut butter and jelly, or are they more like oil and water? That depends on the child in question, but most of the time, kids need some help getting (and keeping) their rooms and closets in a well-organized condition.

At Hang It Up Closets, we work with families who need some assistance in getting their kids’ closets whipped into shape. Whether you have a preschooler who can’t reach the clothing rod or a tween who has more clothes than she can comfortably fit in her closet, we can help! Our expert closet organizers can create kids’ custom themed closets that will appeal to children of all ages... and best of all, they’ll grow right along with your child!

Kid-Friendly Closets for Better Organization

The problem that many kids run into when it comes time to clean their closets is that the closet components themselves are too big, too unwieldy or just not geared toward a child. When we design a child’s closet, we talk to their parents to find out how the space will be used.

  • What types of clothing does the child often wear? Are they items that would be better served by increasing hanging space or by increasing drawer or shelving space? What about hooks? Would those work better for the child who tends to throw jackets and sweatshirts on the floor?

  • What are the child’s hobbies? Does he or she need a place to store special trophies, toys or other treasures of childhood?

  • What is his or her favorite color? Can it be incorporated into the closet?

  • How tall is the child? Our products can be adjusted over the years, but it will start out at the right height for his or her current size.

We create a design that will appeal to your child. If a closet space is fun, attractive and easy to use, the chances of your youngster taking the opportunity to put his or her items away rises!

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