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The Modern Garage

Today’s garages go far beyond being simply a place to store the family vehicle. Most of us use our garages for storage of some type, whether that includes sporting equipment, gardening supplies, hand or power tools, seasonal decorations, or all of the above. Some homeowners choose to transform their garages into “man caves” or recreation rooms, and others just like having the extra space available for outdoor family gatherings and other events.

Hang It Up Closets can help you make your garage into what you want it to be. We can install various types of storage equipment and products, in addition to beautiful garage cabinets and showroom-finish flooring.

Organize Your Garage From Top to Bottom

One of the best things about your garage is its storage potential. The average garage has about 400 square feet of floor space - and that doesn’t count overhead storage space or wall space! Our products come in several different finishes, so you can make sure your garage decor complements your decorating style.

Some of our organizational products include:

  • Garage Cabinets: We offer several different types, including matte garage cabinets, which look sleek and smooth; metallic garage cabinets, which offer a bit of shimmer; wood grain cabinets for the traditionalist; and powder-coated cabinets for those who like a bold appearance.

  • Overhead Storage: Why limit yourself to keeping items within six feet of the floor? We can help you store your bicycles, out-of-season clothing, and other items out of the way.

  • Wall-Based Storage: We offer gridwall and slatwall storage options. These allow you to use the surface area of your walls to keep your items in order. They also make a perfect base for garage shelves.

  • Workbenches: Do you need a place to work in your garage? One of our workbenches is the logical choice. Available in three styles!

  • Garage Flooring: Our epoxy garage floors come in many colors and will give you that shiny, glossy finish you’ve been looking for.

If you are ready to have your garage transformed, you’ll want to contact us to find out what we can do.

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