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Showroom Shine!

Is your garage floor a dull, boring gray? For many of us, the condition of the garage floor is not something we worry about; a simple concrete floor is what’s expected. The problem with concrete is that it tends to absorb stains, create dust and, in some cases, crack. All of these issues can look less than appealing and can detract from the overall appearance of the garage.

Hang It Up Closets can install beautiful epoxy garage floors in your garage. These come in many different colors and be customized to your style and your garage. You can choose from one or more solid colors, or we can kick it up a notch with a decorative chip coating. It’s up to you!

Garage Floors Worth Celebrating

The difference that new garage flooring can make is immense. You might not realize how eye-catching your new garage floors will be until you start hearing comments from the neighbors. What you will realize right away, however, is how easy our epoxy floor coatings are to maintain! Here are some of their features:

  • Stain-resistant. In the garage, your floors are often exposed to elements that might stain them. From dripping fluids from the car to rust rings from cans of paint, the possibilities are pretty vast. Our epoxy floors are stain-resistant. Simply hose them down and use a damp mop when needed to get off any stubborn spots.

  • Fade-resistant. During the summer months, you might be tempted to leave the garage door open while you work inside, so you can catch the great breezes. Go ahead and let the sun shine in; these floors resist damage from UV rays and should not fade.

  • Slip-resistant. If you have pets or kids, you are probably always on the lookout for slick spots that could cause injury. Even if you don’t, winter snow and springtime rain can make your garage slippery. With an epoxy garage floor, however, there’s enough texture to help prevent slipping and sliding.

As you can see, these floors come with benefits that your typical concrete flooring just doesn’t. If you are having your garage organized, it’s the perfect time to get the floors done as well.

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