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Space Saving Designs

With four seasons, gorgeous fall foliage, pretty beaches and parks, and its proximity to both New York City and Boston, Connecticut gets its fair share of overnight visitors. If you have family and friends living out of state, you might sometimes invite them to spend a few nights in your home during their visits. Even if you don’t, you likely sometimes have various friends of your children or party guests who are too tired to drive home.

Having a cozy, comfortable place to put your overnight guests can make them feel welcome and make you feel great. If you’re currently having people sleep on a pull-out sofa or on an air mattress, Hang It Up Closets has a solution that is more appealing to everyone. Murphy beds, also called wall beds, give your guests a soft place to sleep and they give you the flexibility to provide overnight accommodations at a moment’s notice.

Murphy Beds: Perfect for All Reasons

The best thing about Murphy beds just might be that they can easily fit into just about any room you have. There is no need for a dedicated guest room; simply have one installed in your home office, in a playroom, in a den or even in a finished basement. During the day, a folding bed looks like an attractive storage unit. When you have a guest, simply pull down the center section and a comfortable, supportive bed will fold down. It’s that easy!

Who might sleep in a Murphy bed? Here are a few examples of ways you might find space-saving beds to be so useful:

  • For overnight guests staying with you for a day, a week or even longer.

  • For a spouse who is coughing or tossing and turning. There’s no need to keep a sleeping partner awake when you can’t sleep if you have another bed to retreat to.

  • College students who are home during the summer when you’ve already claimed their bedrooms for something else.

  • Adult children coming to spend the holidays with their own families.

The possibilities are endless, and you might be surprised at how much you use your new Murphy bed once it’s installed.

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