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Small Closets in Bridgeport, Connecticut

Most homes in Bridgeport have small, reach-in closets in the hallways and living areas. These are commonly used as coat closets, linen closets and sometimes broom closets. Whether you are storing winter coats, sheets or cleaning supplies, in your small closets, one thing is for sure: When you have a small space, it can be difficult to keep it well-organized.

Our job is to help you optimize every inch of space in your closet, whether it’s large or small. Small closets present a special challenge, but we have the products and experience necessary to help you get them into great shape.

A Variety of Closet Accessories to Help You Stay Organized

When you have a little reach-in closet, you need the right tools to keep it neat and tidy. Here are a few of the tricks we have up our sleeves:

  • Custom Closet Configurations

    We work with the space you have, so that might mean that you will have hanging rods going front-to-back, rather than side-to-side. We’ll also work with any special features that your closet has, such as slanted walls or less-than-straight floorboards.

  • Closet Shelving and Drawers

    Don’t think that custom options like sturdy shelves and convenient drawers are only for walk-in closets! We can add almost anything that goes in a bigger closet, to your reach-in closet.

  • Bins and Baskets

    If you have a small space, then you will want to keep all of your items grouped as efficiently as possible. Our selection of attractive bins, boxes and baskets can make this easier.

Affordable Custom Closets for Your Small Storage Area

One of the nice things about having small closets is that they are often surprisingly affordable to have customized. Our simplest systems start at $150, and as you add options, you might be looking at spending $800 to $1,000. This is a moderate investment for the amount of stress and space that a custom closet can save you.

Give us a call to schedule a free, in-home consultation to talk about what we can do with your small reach-in closet. You will be surprised at how much you can fit in your newly customized linen closet, hall closet, coat closet or broom closet when you see your closet design in 3D with our special software. There is no obligation, so call today!