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Walk-In Closets in Meriden, CT

Your walk-in closet, most commonly found in the master bedroom, can set the stage for your overall organization, particularly when it comes to your daily routines. Does that sound unbelievable? Think about it: Your entire day is impacted by your morning routine. If you can’t get out of the house quickly and with little to no hassle, you may arrive at work feeling harried and stressed out. The same goes for the evening routine; when it’s difficult to find what you need in order to make your morning go more smoothly, you may just put it off until the next morning, contributing to another stress-filled day. And so it goes, each day ending with you resolving to do better the next day.

If this sounds familiar to you, then you may be ready to consider having a custom walk-in closet installed in your Meriden home. Your new organization system can help you get off to a smoother start in the morning, reducing your stress level all day long. At Hang It Up Closets, we specialize in whipping closets just like yours into shape!

We Can Get Your Meriden, Connecticut Walk-In Closet Under Control

If you’re having trouble keeping your closet in good working order, it’s no wonder: Between the obligations of housework, school, work, family, aging parents and everything else that’s on your plate, home organization often falls to the bottom of the priority list. Our custom walk-in closets are simple to keep neat and tidy. Here are some of their features:

  • Custom Closet

    Design You won’t be receiving a cookie-cutter closet system; instead, your closet designer will talk to you about how you plan to use the closet, and will come up with a solution based on your needs and wants. Your custom closet will be built just for you.

  • Closet Shelving

    Our closet shelves can bear heavy loads and are made of sturdy wood. They also come with a lifetime guarantee; if any wood product should break during normal use, we will replace it free of charge.

  • Clothing Rods

    We can hang clothing rods at heights appropriate for your various types of clothing. Whether you wear primarily dresses, only separates, or a combination of the two, we’ll make sure that you have plenty of room for whatever you need to store.

  • Closet Drawers

    Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to store your undergarments and hosiery in your closet? This is particularly important in situations where one partner has a different sleeping schedule than the other partner, and allows you to get what you need without turning on the bedroom light. Most of our custom walk-in closets come with four drawers, and we can customize this to your needs.

  • Closet Accessories

    From shoes to jewelry, belts to ties, purses to hats, you use accessories with your outfits. Why wouldn’t you also use accessories in your closet? We have a wide range of products that you need.

Call Today for Your Free Custom Closet Consultation in Central Connecticut

Hang It Up Closets offers a free custom closet consultation to homeowners in Meriden, Connecticut, and the surrounding areas. Don’t let another day go by with disorganized, messy closets. From your walk-in closet to kids’ closets, hall closets, the kitchen pantry, the garage and more, we can customize any area of your home to optimize your storage space. The consultation is free and you’re under no obligation, so call us today!